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Singapore Business Professional Women Association

Mandarin Chapter

  1. Promote the interests of business and professional women and secure combined action by them

  2. Work for high business and professional standards of service

  3. Promote friendly relations and understanding among business and professional women

  4. Awake and encourage in business and professional women of Singapore a relisation of their potentials and responsibilities in their own country, and consequently in world affairs

  5. Promote the use of Mandarin among business and professional women


Five Main Objectives

Management - Executive Committe


The Executive Committe consists of the President and six Office-Bearers, the Immediate Past President and seven menbers who chair respective standing committees. All members of the Executive Committe, except the Immediate Past President, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting

Office Bearers


President - Liang Shu (Lilian)

1st Vice President - Kwong Pui Ping Peggt

2nd Vice President - Tan Keng Hong

Honorary Secretary - Song Wei (Annie)

Honorary Treasurer - Lim Poh Lian (Jasmine)

Finance Officer - Cheung Moy Lian (Brenda)

Immediate Past President - Kam Huey Jiuan (Joanne)

Standing Committees


Education and Personal Development - Pun Kimmis Kim Ming

Membership - Lim Puay Sze (Alicia)

Programme - Gan Joo Ee (Joey)

World Affairs - Au Ulrica

Publicity - Xie Chen Pei (Valerie)

Hostessing - Wang Bao Fen (Lily)


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