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Singapore Business Professional Women Association

Mandarin Chapter

It was the “ Use of Mandarin” campaign by the Singapore government in 1985 that inspired Mdm Ng Hong and some Mandarin speaking business and professional women to form the Singapore Business and Professional Women Association ( SBPWA)-Mandarin Chapter.


These ladies were proud to have Mandarin as their mother tongue. Nevertheless, the SBPWA-Mandarin Chapter was not formed on the basis of language. The Mandarin language only serves as an alternative medium of communication. In fact, many of their members today are bilingual business and professional women from all walks of life.


The Mandarin Chapter Protem-Cpmmittee was formed in 1985 with full support from its sister –club i.e. SBPWA. Ms Lai Siew Choo was appointed as the legal adviser to the mandarin Chapter. Mdm Ng Hong accepted the official appointment as the Chairlady and Ms Cheung Moy Lian as Deputy Chairlady. Other Protem-Committee members were represented by Liw Geok Heok, Mok Chik Kiang, Tan Soon Hwa, Lee Geck Hoon, Ang Siauw Ing, Ku Siew Chen , Low Tai Chee and Neo Jock Hong. With dedication and determination of the Protem-Committee, the Mandarin Chapter was formed in November 1986 to serve the Mandarin speaking professional and business women in Singapore.


The application for the formation of Singaore Business and Professional Women’s Association-Mandarin Chapter was submitted to the Registrar of Societies on January 22, 1986. The Registry of Societies granted approval to the Mandarin Chapter on November 1986. The Chapter celebrated its 15th anniversary in November 2001.


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